Power your building with electricity produced by your BeCool™ air conditioner.

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Energy Cost Comparison: BeCool™ vs Conventional HVAC

Unparalleled Customer Economics

The value of electricity produced by the BeCool™ air conditioner is higher than the cost of natural gas consumed. This coupled with the elimination of air conditioning demand charges results in significant savings as compared to a conventional high efficiency air conditioner.

BeCool™ System:

  • Energy savings greater than $10,000 per year*
  • IRR greater than 50%*
  • Payback in less than 2 years*
  • Greater savings can be achieved with subsidies

*Economics based on San Diego, CA Utility: SDG&E; Rate A; Non-TOU (time of use) option

Figure: Energy cost comparison of building using conventional HVAC system versus BeCool™-10 system

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